UPVC lock cylinder snapping

July 21st, 2012

Fitted six anti-snap cylinders to upvc doors at a house in Bradford today. Lock snapping has become a big problem in West Yorkshire and lancashire over the last twp years. West Yorkshire Police recently announced that 27% of burglaries in West Yorkshire were a result of upvc lock snapping. You can read what they say about lock snapping here: http://www.westyorkshire.police.uk/news/crime-prevention-advice-check-your-locks

The family that I helped today had become concerned after a neighbours house was broken into by lock snapping.

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Lock standards

July 14th, 2012

PAS 24 is an enhanced security standard which certifies that a door assembly can withstand a series of measured manual and mechanical tests simulating common methods of forced entry. Tests are carried out on a complete door set in its frame with identified points of attack within the specification.

Key differences between Kitemark and PAS 24
The enhanced security BSI kitemark scheme incorporating the additional vulnerability requirements for cylinders covered by BS 3621:2007 and the following elements of attack resistance within EN 1303:2005; Drill resistant Grade 2, torque resistance of plug/cylinder relevant to attack resistance Grade 2 (30 Newtons).

PAS 24 requires all cylinders to be kitemarked. In addition to this, the complete door set in its frame must pass 2 additional cylinder attack; one with a mole grip and one with a screw, by an accredited testing agency, to guarantee that both the hardware and cylinder of the door can withstand a manual attack lasting 3 minutes – the average amount of time it is estimated that a burglar or opportunist thief will spend trying to break into a property.

Garage door

July 11th, 2012

Replaced a garage door locking handle this afternoon. Garage door locks are often very old and obsolete and there are a huge number of different designs. I’ve had some tricky jobs replacing them but I can always get one to fit. Another happy customer.

Higg’s Boson

July 8th, 2012

I found the Higg’s boson in a lock yesterday. This is the smallest particle known to locksmiths. UPVC mechanisms often fail because a tiny part has broken. In this case it was one tooth that had broken off a small gear wheel and become jammed between other teeth. Key wind UPVC mechanisms have a set of gear wheels which the key turns to wind the bolts out and in. The gears are made of die-cast metal which wears quite easily then breaks and fails. Key-wind UPVC lock mechanisms are still available but lift-handle ones a better and so I always replace a failed key-wind mechanism with a lfit handel one.

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Hello world!

July 3rd, 2012

Just dealt with a burglary in Colne. There was no damage and no noise, no lock picking or lock snapping involved. They got in through an open window, stole keys and the car! I changed their old lock for a British Standards approved mortice lock.